Amy Marshall of Walhampton Prep school is to take part in a Teach Earth training programme 2015

Published on 2015-06-01 by Gill Hickman

Teach Earth is a programme, which combines “hands-on” scientific research, which can be replicated in a school setting, and innovative tailored learning sessions. It provides inspiration, confidence and resources to enable teachers and educators to develop as environmental leaders. Roots & Shoots teacher Amy Marshall from Walhampton School was one of the lucky 12 selected from a pool of talented and experienced teachers and educators!

Amy and the team will spend 5 days in August in Wytham Woods, Oxfordshire in an immersive learning programme, which combines genuine scientific research projects in an inspiring location to support learning and grow environmental sensitivity and appreciation. Providing inspiration, support and ideas; increased confidence of how to bring the environment into the classroom in new and creative ways. The course involves hands-on replicable citizen science activities; resource and information sharing; exploration of current environmental issues and challenges, such as climate change and fresh water issues with scientists; networking with teachers and educators from all subjects and year groups; providing space away from the classroom to re-energize, refocus and plan.

With funding from the Garfield Weston Foundation to help make it happen, the University of Oxford’s outstanding woodland as their outdoor classroom and 12 motivated and dedicated teachers and environmental educators, it promises to be an inspirational and engaging week.