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Bees n Beans at Milford Preschool

Published on 2015-07-19 by Gill Hickman

Milford Pre-School have taken part in Bees n Beans. The project aims to look at pollinator populations across the UK, with the help of Citizen Scientists. Growing three broad bean plants and performing a simple pollination experiment (involving net bags, and a bit of manual help for some flowers!), will allow scientists to compare yields of beans from across the country, and see if the bees are doing their job.

Hearing that the protocol was a simple, cheap and fun piece of outdoor fieldwork suitable for all ages, and was one that can be used to explore ecological thinking, Sarah Rix was convinced, and committed the youngsters to this fabulous project. When project results are made public, the children will also learn how individual projects can contribute to large-scale pieces of work.