Baby owls

BIrds of Prey for Orchard

Published on 2016-03-09 by Gill Hickman

Orchard School enjoyed a visit from Liberty’s Reptiles and Raptors. Liberty’s houses a large collection of birds of prey, including owls, hawks, falcons and vultures, as well as a collection of reptiles and other creepy crawlies in their reptile house. When Jason or Ed visit a school they are careful to bring a small selection of birds that usually include an owl and a falcon. The third and sometimes fourth bird varies! The children particularly enjoyed the opportunity to get up close and personal with some of the birds.

Liberty’s had been kind enough to supply the school with casts, pellets regurgitated by their birds of prey that children could dissect. Then followed the delightful jigsaw puzzle of putting the pieces together again to see what the birds had eaten.

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