Brock Pre-School indoors and out!

Published on 2016-05-08 by Gill Hickman

Brockenhurst PreSchool have enjoyed planting widlflowers in their tiny garden. They've also, with the help of New Forest Food Challenge, planted peas, beans and sunflowers in pots.

Brockenhurst Pre-School Enhances Recycling There’s nothing like starting young! Brockenhurst pre-School knows that habits developed in early childhood are likely to remain with a child as it grows up, and will often endure throughout life. They have been collecting and recycling some things for years now, but have just added bras for Africa and toddler food pouches. They also now split their plastic lids into milk bottle tops, coffee lids and ‘any other.’ The latter will go to Lush who usefully collect ‘any other’ to melt down into black plastic. Photos show what theycollect about every 4 weeks.

Pre brock Pre Brock trowel