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Brockenhurst PreSchool reach SILVER!

Published on 2015-07-19 by Gill Hickman

Brockenhurst Preschool Reach Eco-Schools Silver!

Good News! After a term focusing on 4 sustainability strands, we were able to gain our SILVER Eco Schools Award - Yippeee!!

We looked at Energy - remembering to turn the lights off when we went out of our room, we looked at the solar panels on the village hall roof, we played with various solar toys including helicopters, hexibugs and a dancing flower! We recorded how quickly water heats up with a solar heater, in the sunshine, and how it cools down in the shade. We also thought about where we get our energy to run about and how cars and sailing boats get their energy.

Healthy Living - we removed crisps and chocolate from our lunch boxes, made some rainbow sandwiches for Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution Day and had a visit from a Tesco lady who gave us all the ingredients to make our own muffin pizzas.

Biodiversity - we were really lucky to have some free wild flower seeds from Grow Wild and Seedball. We planted these, and let another area left unmown, to see what grew. Brock PS 1 We looked out for bumble bees, honey bees and various butterflies. We also went for a river walk and saw a damselfly. A local beekeeper came to talk to us about her bees, and brought an empty hive and all her special clothes that she wears.

Transport - we took our annual train trip to Lymington and also a Tour bus trip to Exbury for lunch! During our afternoon village walks we stopped at the train station, bus stops and looked at different types of transport. These brought out lots of language from the children “Postman Tom’s van’ (our local postie) ‘rubbish bin lorry’ ‘ It's smelly!’ ‘open top bus’ ‘blue route bus’ and ‘yellow car’.

It’s been an amazing term and we have fully taken the opportunities to go outside and use our village hall grounds and further afield.