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Clean for the Queen at Priestlands

Published on 2016-03-08 by Gill Hickman

Charlotte Devonshire of Priestlands School welcomed Mandy Pickard from NFDC to their ‘Clean for the Queen’ litter awareness assembly. Starting with facts and figures, Mandy explained the problem, then together with a colleague Jonathan Dean, she enacted a small role play. Students were challenged to pick it up, particulrly in their own grounds and in the New Forest, where Mandy gave examples of appalling practice. The students were shown data that showed the startling length of time it takes some products to decompose, and that other products hardly decompose at all, especially in a human lifetime. Charlotte had dressed herself as a surfer to the amusement of the students. It soon became apparent why this was so: showing students items that she had found on Milford beach, she challenged the students to take part in a Surfers Against Sewage beach clean-up in April.