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Milford Pre-School Plus in Nursery World

Published on 2016-05-25 by Gill Hickman

Getting everyone involved is something that Sarah Rix is good at. It's not simply that Milford Preschool Plus are helpful because of the age of their children. Like all parents, they are busy and like time to themselves! It's more a question of repaying favours. The children get so much out of this Green Flag Eco-School that parents welcome opportunity for involvement. There is too, the issue of a warm welcome. One is assured of that.

As this article describes, much involvement is through gardening where the pre-School's tiny allotment is intensively cultivated and every opportunity for outdoor education is embraced. Fruits and vegetables are grown, harvested and used to prepare culinary delights. Sarah has embraced wildflowers in every way possible: there are free Grow Wild seeds 9doing splendidly), bee mixes from Meadow in My garden and Seedballs, so easy for children to plant.

These children learn about birds, bugs and bees through practical action. They will pick up an earthworm and bring it to you for inspection, and pond dipping is a regular afternoon treat. Talk to youngsters about pollination and the importance of pollinators, and it's very evident that their understanding is superb.

Bird boxes and bird feeders are everywhere, and putting up boxes (one with a web cam) is another way in which parents help! Milford pre-school children know a sparrow or a blue tit when they see one; they even understand that the nest box choice of sparrows, being sociable birds, is a lodge. And right now, they are eagerly scanning the skies awaiting the return of the swallows which last year nested in the school grounds.

A huge congratulations to Sarah and Milford Pre-School.