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Milford Pre School Pond Dip

Published on 2015-04-23 by Gill Hickman

I was privileged to be asked to join Milford preschool for pond dipping on a beautiful spring afternoon in April. Sarah had bought new nets, white trays and keys and the pond was available for our use. Feed the birds

The journey to the pond was exciting: through the little garden area, past the small areas of wildflower sowings, past the bug hotel and out onto the field where the main job was to feed to chickens with grapes. something that caused great excitement!

The journey continued - through the Junior School's raised bed area, past their Eco pod and finally into the pond area where some children were designated the mud kitchen and others the pond.

The children ere shown how to half fill their white trays before collecting anything in their nets. So what did they find? Various different species such as alder fly larvae, dragonfly and damselfly nymphs, Planorbis snails in abundance, various beetles, pond skaters and water lice.

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