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Published on 2016-04-26 by Gill Hickman


When Bransgore infants were treated to a visit from Liberty’s Reptiles and Reptiles learnt about three beautiful birds of prey; a barn owl, tawny owl and a peregrine falcon. They heard a miscellany of facts, learnt what each bird eats, how, when and where it hunts and about each bird’s habitat. Finally they were able to get up close and personal to a barn owl as they left the hall.

OWLS at Bransgore 4

Three weeks later Liberty’s again came up trumps when they gathered sixty casts from their birds for the children to dissect. Each of the youngest children, ‘Tigers’ and ‘Lions’ was paired with a Year 6 pupil. After instructions, including important safety precautions, had been explained, the Year 6 pupils were invited to take a cast (an owl pellet). They were tasked with carrying out the dissection with the younger children watching. Youngsters understandably found this difficult and amidst squeals of delight they discovered limb bones, teeth, jawbones, skulls, beaks and stones! Using a key children identified the food sources, largely birds but in some cases voles and other rodents. A great learning experience for the children passed quickly. Bones had to be collected and tables and equipment disinfected before children left the room to wash their hands. Thank you Liberty’s! OWLS at Bransgore 3