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Pennington Juniors Eco Float

Published on 2015-07-16 by Gill Hickman

Some of the short blog items on ‘Sussed in the Forest’ show that Pennington Junior School has made huge progress this year, and obtained an Eco-Schools Silver Award at the end of the summer term. Flushed with success, they decided their entry for Lymington and Pennington carnival would take up the eco theme.

PJS carnival 1 Three girls on work experience from Priestlands set off to a fine start with preliminary planning, and very quickly an idea was born. That idea was to take some of the finest achievements of the year such as a drive to recycle, a great deal of gardening that yielded high quality vegetables, and the creation of a small wildflower meadow.

Thus it became all hands to the mill with staff preparing leaves for children to colour and write messages on. Every child managed to produce a leaf! Slogans were prepared and Bag Monsters created. These showed the number of plastic bags a ‘typical’ person uses in one year and give a powerful message. The minibus was covered in netting and leaves, flowers and messages were attached, and pupils carried the recycling message further through their clothing!

The stunning result did the school proud as shown by the photos taken on carnival day. Very well done PJS!

PJS carnival2 PJS carnival3