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Permaculture at New Forest Small School

Published on 2015-07-17 by Gill Hickman

At this aptly name small school deep in the heart of the New Forest, sustainable practice is evident everywhere. It is simply the way in which this delightful school operates.

Permaculture is practised and students learn about organic methods of producing fruit and vegetables. The school took up the opportunity to visit Patrick's Patch at Beaulieu where there is more admirable organic production of flowers, fruit and vegetables. New Forest Small school lacks growing space, but what there is, is used intensively with fruit trees jostling for position amongst the fennel and currants.

Thus it is not surprising that there are more butterflies here than in the average school grounds. Comma, peacock, small white and large white were very evident on the day of my visit. A white buddleia was a particular magnet for butterflies.