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PJS celebrate Fairtrade Fortnight on a non uniform day!

Published on 2015-03-02 by Gill Hickman

Pennington Juniors’ Eco Warriors have got themselves up and running fast so that the school is making great progress. They are recycling everything they can including milk bottle tops and other tops for Lush. Furthermore, they are educating the rest of the school about the importance of reusing and recycling. Guards

Mr Davis has done great work with the gardening club. The school has a pond, a small orchard and rescued battery hens so their environmental area is looking really good. Mr Davis reports that onions and garlic will be planted out when the ground is warmer, and we all hope that is soon.

It was a pleasure to join their Eco Warriors to help prepare a Fairtrade assembly where, much assisted by Mrs Humber, the children went through a banana and chocolate exercise to illustrate the importance of fairness. The following day the children worked with Mrs Humber to produce a display that would rival that in a good shop window: truly excellent display skills!

The assembly started with a Fairtrade lunch and because it was held on a non-uniform day and the children were particularly excited to find themselves being addressed at the start of assembly by a Viking Headteacher! The Viking was found subsequently enjoying Fairtrade Maltesers! Despite the excitement of their audience, the Eco Warriors held their interest. They ran their own engaging assembly and taught their peers a great deal about Fairtrade. PJS FT Lunch

It seemed appropriate that Golden time followed the assembly so it was back to the garden with pond clearing and digging for some. PJS assembly FT

What a fabulous team of students. Well done PJS!