Pis lots flowers

Plant Focus at Pennington Infants

Published on 2015-10-22 by Gill Hickman

Pennington Infants are embark to a project on plants. How appropriate then for the school to be the recipient of onion sets and garlic from the New Forest Food Challenge! Children will plant these as soon after half term as possible and will be closely monitoring their growth. Good instructions for growing onions from sets can be found here http://www.gardeningwithchildren.co.uk/school-zone/what-to-do-this-term/item.cfm?id=128

This school had one of the smallest and prettiest of wildflower meadows. Planted late on one of the wettest days of the summer it was an utter joy. It flowered constantly from late June until the end of November. The photos show some of the summer highlights.