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Priestlands Reinvigorated Walled Garden Project

Published on 2015-05-22 by Gill Hickman

When I met with Charlotte Devonshire in November 2014, she stated that the restoration of an old Walled Garden was one of the school's priorities for the year. The project was certainly something the school wanted to complete for a possible Eco-Schools Green Flag. The task seemed daunting: an old walled garden that was completely overgrown and which scarcely permitted access. Would it be possible to restore it? Pigs were brought in and progress was made but was difficult to maintain. Many years later, Alex Jamieson arrived to devote considerable energy and enthusiasm to the project. I met with her on a wet Friday morning and both the walled garden and our conversation deserve a longer blog article than usual, so it is best read from a PDF A re-energised Walled Garden at Priestlands School