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Priestlands sow a wildflower meadow

Published on 2015-04-22 by Gill Hickman

Priestlands chose the most beautiful of sites for their Grow Wild 'Power of the Flower' meadow. Situated behind Gurney Dixon and above two lakes the meadow will be accessible from school and by townspeople.

Boy rakersThe turf was stripped at Easter - an easy job as it 'peeled' off particularly well. Two Priestlands boys, Callum and Tom, assisted. So the plot was ready for student action at the start of the summer term.

girlsTom and Callum arrived early and were able to mark out metre intervals along which students could walk scattering seed. They also started the raking process so that by the time younger students arrived, the example was set. Raking by the 16 strong Eco group was followed by seeding - first in one direction and then at right angles. Seed had been mixed with sane to make it visible. another rake to bring each seed I contact with the soil was followed by a stomp! We had no roller and student feet proved an efficient flattening mechanism.

Students were superb: it seemed that they had sowed wildflower meadows throughout their short lives! They now hope for rain. If this happens within the next few days, the school should have a perfect meadow!