Recycled Pots for Plants

Published on 2016-03-12 by Gill Hickman

At Milford Pre-School, we go through a whole lot of milk bottles! Thirsty work, all this play! So we looked at various activities to show the children how we could reuse our plastic milk bottles and our plastic squash bottles from home.

We decided to make Elmer the Elephants, using the top half of the milk bottles with the handle for a trunk. The children decorated then used them as small world play alongside a book.

We also encouraged our parents to get involved by donating 400 plastic milk bottles to construct our igloo. That was a very challenging activity, given the glue wouldn’t stick but it did open up the eyes of the children and their parents on how to reuse rather than just recycle. It definitely had a few days of play value before total collapse!!

Our most successful activity was our planting of flowers and vegetables into bottles or milk bottles. Just a few holes for drainage and we could send home sunflowers for a tallest flower competition, sow beans and peas for our allotment, and pop seed balls into them to hang up on a unwanted trellis making a beautiful wall of flowers.

We are ready to sow again this year, having collected our milk bottles. We are also going to hang some green water bottles up with string and add trailers, for our own hanging baskets!

Roll on the summer!