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Ringwood Celebrates Fairtrade Fortnight

Published on 2015-02-27 by Gill Hickman

Ringwood’s happy celebration of Fairtrade Fortnight involved students, staff from the school, students and parents. A film produced by the Fairtrade Foundation showed the audience, if they were in any doubt at all, exactly what difference Fairtrade meant to one community. Ringwood Fairtrade display Ringwood is a Fairtrade town so it was wonderful to see support from local retailers. Independent store Timber has lent great support to the school for many years and it was good to see that both Timber and Waitrose had mounted superb displays, They were keen to engage with visitors and talk about their wares and their ethical principles. Sainsbury and the Cooperative provided a hamper which was raffled and they provided ingredients with which staff and students baked delicious Fairtrade cakes. Students served these and also took control of the preparation of the room, including the ritual inflation of the Fairtrade banana. A great evening: well done Ringwood!