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Ringwood's war on energy wastage

Published on 2015-02-05 by Gill Hickman

Posters and screensavers have been displayed with shocking energy facts. We have given their own assemblies to every year group on the consequences of using too much energy - floods, droughts, food shortages and melting of the ice caps. We explained to younger years how electricity is generated from fossil fuels and then introduced ways in which they could save energy both at school and at home. All assemblies were very interactive and provided students with an opportunity to realise what their current energy usage and wastage was like. We then introduced our campaign where we are trying to reduce the schools energy consumption by 10% against last year’s results we obtained from the energy audit.

We followed up with activities in every tutor group in school including sixth form. A quiz testing students’ energy knowledge was followed by the writing of individual energy saving pledges. We have hung up in trees all around the school grounds!

The energy team have been going round with 'visitor' cards that say things like ‘Well done’ for having lights off, ‘We came to your room and your projector was on; naughty you' etc,....This has been very successful and teachers have responded quickly.

This week, the coldest week of winter, we turn the temperature down by a couple of degrees each day and we finish the campaign on Friday with a wear a jumper day. We hope to then feed back positive results on our energy reduction to the whole school.