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Roll out the Barrel

Published on 2015-07-06 by Gill Hickman

Adrian Brewer is an enthusiast. A former teacher he has an easy way with children and know how to engage with them. When he visited Breamore School, he explained that in Africa and developing countries around the world, women and children carry their own weight in water in dirty jerry cans and containers just to survive. They don’t just carry from a local pump (a few hundred yards away) but sometimes over 6 miles or even further.

Pupils from Breamore School had already learnt that in the developing world girls were less likely than boys to get an education, and that water was a significant factor. Roll Out the Barrel Breamore Gr8 3 The Rotary Water Barrel, explained Adrian, is an instant solution. This small barrel and its trolley can liberate women and girls, and what better way to find out than by practical demonstration?

Children moved out onto the field. First they were tasked with filling water containers from an outdoor tap. It was conveniently near compared with water sources in many parts of Africa. What did it feel like to carry 5kg of water? There was only one way to find out and that was to do it! Now rather exhausted, the children mounted the water containers on Adrian’s small trolleys. What did that feel like? Suitably impressed, the children finished the morning with barrel races! Adrian would accept no money for his visit, asking instead that people talk about water and the Roll Out the Barrel Project. He also suggested that Breamore School might consider ‘Walk for Water’ next year.

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