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Walhampton BUZZING

Published on 2016-05-07 by Gill Hickman

Walhampton pupils are busy in the veg patch. With the wonderful grounds of the school being open as part of NGS Open Gardens there's an opportunity for all to see!

Crazy science club has been making bath bombs from baking powder, citric acid, essential oils, food colouring powder and water, and grenades from clay, compost and wildflower seeds. Rhubarb from the garden is being turned into pickle by the pre-prep today. We're climbing trees and making Top Trunks cards. ACE programme pupils are doing some guerrilla gardening outside the matrons's room in old IKEA storage bags planting in pony poo from the stables. The kitchen is gearing up to sell unserved food in sealed 1 portion cartons, at cost, complete with reheating/freezing instructions to staff and parents....

Read the writing on the photo to find out what ‘ACE’ means! ACE