Why wait for Fairtrade Fortnight

Published on 2016-02-07 by Gill Hickman

At Milford Pre School, we follow our children's interests. So when some of the children noticed the logo on our bananas, I knew it was time to look further into the organisation.

With very young children, we talked about and looked at the basics, such as how the farmers look after their workers. We look at pictures of farms in hot countries and talk about how we would like to be looked after, such as having plenty to drink and earning good money to buy food for our families.

We were lucky to have some fantastic resources lent my Gill which the children enjoyed looking through and seeing that fair trade does not only mean food!

We went on to make objects such as pineapples and worry people, which went on our super display. We also made a map where food comes from and a simple Fairtrade book with photos in for children to look at any time.