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Welcome to the blog. It celebrates the many small steps of the schools aiming to become more sustainable via the 'Sussed in the Forest' project. It is these 'small steps' that children often recall years later when they've left school. Most of these schools started from nowhere, with no history of education for sustainability so we hope that you are inspired by their work. This is not a race: it may take a school three years to obtain a Green Flag or a Roots and Shoots award, but we really hope that schools enjoy the journey! A child has one chance in education so that journey is critically important.

Milford preschool

Milford Pre School

Published on 2015-01-27 by Gill Hickman

Pre-Schoolers make unusual feeders!

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Img 3161

Global Citizenship and GYO at Rownhams

Published on 2015-01-26 by Gill Hickman

Where is India? Where is Bangladesh? Why do so many children not go to school?

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St Mark's Pennington

Published on 2015-01-25 by Gill Hickman

Sustainable Pennington!

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RSPB Big Schools Birdwatch

Published on 2015-01-25 by Gill Hickman

Who is taking part in RSPB Birdwatch 2015?

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Kitchen garden

Walhampton get busy with recycling

Published on 2015-01-22 by Gill Hickman

Great ideas from Walhampton

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Lymington Junior School shares its expertise

Published on 2015-01-21 by Gill Hickman

Lymington Junior School is the proud possessor of an Eco-Schools Green Flag! They would love to share what they do with Sussed in the Forest Schools

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Preparing for RSPB Schools' Birdwatch at Ringwood

Published on 2015-01-14 by Gill Hickman

Students make fatballs to feed up birds in advance

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Xmas decs

Orchard are on the case

Published on 2015-01-07 by Gill Hickman

Victorian Eco Christmas decorations

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Img 7693

Meeting Boris, an Eagle Owl

Published on 2015-01-05 by Gill Hickman

An Eagle Owl and a Hen Harrier could kick start RSPB Schools' Birdwatch this January

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Img 7689

Boris the Eagle Owl

Published on 2015-01-03 by Gill Hickman

Available for 'Sussed in the Forest' schools!

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