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Welcome to the blog. It celebrates the many small steps of the schools aiming to become more sustainable via the 'Sussed in the Forest' project. It is these 'small steps' that children often recall years later when they've left school. Most of these schools started from nowhere, with no history of education for sustainability so we hope that you are inspired by their work. This is not a race: it may take a school three years to obtain a Green Flag or a Roots and Shoots award, but we really hope that schools enjoy the journey! A child has one chance in education so that journey is critically important.

Rocket sci 4

Applemore's Rocket Science seeds have arrived!

Published on 2016-04-18 by Gill Hickman

Mr Hearmon's straight in there with the science!

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Img 4784

Priestlands Clean-Up of Hurst Spit

Published on 2016-04-13 by Gill Hickman

An intensive after school clean up of Hurst Spit for Priestlands School

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Pre milford plant

MIlford PreSchool help Lymington Hospital's Grow Wild Apothecary Project

Published on 2016-04-13 by Gill Hickman

A wildflower meadow and 'The Apothecary' started at Lymington New Forest Hospital

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Img 9459

A Quiet Quad

Published on 2016-04-01 by Gill Hickman

Well done to Applemore for obtaining Tesco Bags of Help funding

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Early raocket 2

Preparing for ROCKET SCIENCE

Published on 2016-03-21 by Gill Hickman

Applemore College students are excitedly preparing for the arrival of their rocket seeds from space!

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Ringwood School's Second Peace jam

Published on 2016-03-13 by Gill Hickman

Rigoberta Menchú Tum was the Nobel Peace Laureate in attendance for Peace Jam 2016

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Recycled Pots for Plants

Published on 2016-03-12 by Gill Hickman

Lovely article written for Jane Goodall's Roots and Shoots

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Brans en

Great performance from Bransgore at the schools' energy Saving Competition

Published on 2016-03-10 by Gill Hickman

Bransgore's super hero earned the school a Boostaboiler fuel efficiency unit.

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Img 8840

Priestlands FIrst Peace Jam

Published on 2016-03-09 by Gill Hickman

An opportunity to meet Nobel Peace Laureate Rigoberta Mechu Tum for Priestlands students

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Nf jingle

New Forest School at the annual New Forest and Southampton schools’ energy saving competition

Published on 2016-03-09 by Gill Hickman

An assured performance from New Forest School

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