The New Forest National Park

Explore the unique landscapes, habitats and diversity of our own wonderful National park.

The Woodland Trust / Nature Detectives

The Woodland Trust is the UK’s leading woodland conservation charity. One of its key aims is to see more and more people enjoying trees and woods as part of their everyday lives. To support this, the Trust has developed a series of high quality learning resources and projects for schools, created in partnership with teachers and tested by children. Follow links to 'learn'

The Great Plant Hunt

A really lovely site! The Great Plant Hunt is an ideal resource to help children aged 5-11 learn about plant-based science. I've used it for secondary too. All the teaching resources are available on the website. Activities are clearly mapped to the national curriculum and tailored to each year group with opportunities for different age groups to work together. Broad themes include: the variation of plant life and different habitats (biodiversity); plants as living organisms; the importance of plants in everyday life.

Munching Caterpillars

Another lovely site, made by Butterfly Conservation specifically for schools in Somerset and Dorset. However, the website and resources are available to anyone to use - including ID charts, life cycles, planting ideas for caterpillars, butterflies and moths.

RSPB Wildlife Action Awards

Get your whole school involved in RSPB Wildlife Action Awards. These awards are easy to take part in, and each pupil, class or year group receive awards for the actions they do. Your entire school will also be rewarded for its combined effort. Don't forget to do RSPB Schools Birdwatch too!

Roots & Shoots

The Roots & Shoots program is run by The Jane Goodall Institute and is about making positive change happen through empowering young people with the inspiration and tools to make a difference - for our communities, for animals and for the environment. Do enrol: this is a fabulous programme and there are great learning activities!

Wild about Gardens

Super site. The hyperlink takes you to the excellent 'things to do' section.

The Big Wildlife Garden

This was operated by Natural England but seems to have been taken over by The Pod! The site recognises the fact that gardens represent an important area of natural habitat for many species, and that gardening in a wildlife friendly manner can considerably increase the diversity of plants and animals in every garden. The Big Wildlife Garden is free for anyone of any age to join and is open to individuals, schools or community groups.

The Pond pack

This is a superb resource. Download it while it lasts. It contains lesson ideas - and what you hope the children will learn after they've had all their fun. There are photos of common pond animals, identification keys and a blank tally chart for children to fill in and score their 'finds'. this site is particularly good as it gives organisms' trophic (feeding) levels so children can do simple work on food chains. The keys on this site Pond Life may be useful too.

The Wildlife-Man

Founded by wildlife conservationist Jules Howard, this website contains links to free resources for teachers and environmental educators to develop and enhance their teaching of environmental education. Brilliant resource