Travel and transport

Resources for Transport and Reducing Carbon Footprint

Campaign for Better Transport

Better Transport create transport policies and programmes that aim to give people better lives.

Carbon Detectives

Schools register on the website and then calculate their carbon footprint using the kit provided. You can then compare your schools results with other schools around the UK. Good site.

Living Streets - Walk to School Campaigns

Living Streets run a range of schemes to encourage parents, children and young people to make walking to school part of their daily routine. They have a Walk Once a Week scheme for primary schools and a Free Your Feet challenge and Campaign-in-a-Box citizenship challenge for secondary schools (HIGHLY recommended). They offer a range of information, resources and factsheets for schools, parents and councils.


Another recommended site. Sustrans' School Travel team encourages children to walk and cycle to school through a range of practical and educational measures. They provide free information for schools, parents, pupils, councils and anybody else interested in school travel initiatives.

Roots & Shoots

Jane Goodall's Roots & Shoots program is run by The Jane Goodall Institute and is about making positive change happen through empowering young people with the inspiration and tools to make a difference - for our communities, for animals and for the environment. Do sign up for it and look at the many excellent suggested activities.

The Converging world

Another footprint calculator but it's different: The Converging World helps build stronger, more sustainable communities through renewable energy. We are all connected!

WWF Footprint calculator

I recommend this calculator. It is simple and allows students to calculate their ecological and carbon footprint. There are weaknesses and these become obvious when you calculate. But those weaknesses make a great discussion point.