Healthy Living

Food for Life

The Food for Life Partnership is a network of schools and communities across England committed to transforming food culture. The best starter site for FOOD

Eat Happy Project

This is part of Tesco's 'Eat Happy' project for primary schools and its resources, which include virtual field trips, are excellent

Discovering Our Countryside

Discovering Our Countryside brings the world of farming and the countryside right into the classroom; a first hand introduction and explanation of how food gets from fields onto our tables, all year.

Secret Seed Society

Sharing with children the excitement of growing vegetables from seed, and cooking tasty, healthy food. Secret Seed Society aims to spread the fun of growing and cooking your own food with children.

Focus on Food Campaign

The Focus on Food campaign is all about cooking. The campaign raises the profile and importance of food education and focuses on the making and cooking of food as the key experience in learning about the social importance of food.

Health Education Trust

Health Education Trust (HET) is the UK registered charity, formed to promote the development of health education for young people. HET is dedicated to initiating and supporting work with children and young adults to encourage the growth of healthy lifestyles.

Hedgerow Harvest

In the past, hedges were used as larders of healthy seasonal food. The Hedgerow Harvest project seeks to reconnect people to this heritage of free local healthy food. Hedgerows are fruit-full not only in food but inspiring us to understand our sense of place within the world, providing a range of real learning opportunities. We hope that schools will be able to take inspiration from this website and make use of the downloadable resources to support them in bringing the curriculum to life.


Sustrans' School Travel team encourages children to walk and cycle to school through a range of practical and educational measures. They provide free information for schools, parents, pupils, councils and anybody else interested in school travel initiatives.

Sport England

Sport England is focused on helping people and communities across the country create a sporting habit for life. There is a lot of educational material.

Living Streets

Living Streets run a range of schemes to encourage parents, children and young people to make walking to school part of their daily routine. They have a Walk Once a Week scheme for primary schools and a Free Your Feet challenge and Campaign-in-a-Box citizenship challenge for secondary schools. They offer a range of information, resources and factsheets for schools, parents and councils.

Play England

Play England promote the message that all children and young people should have access and opportunities to free and inclusive play spaces.