Global Perspective

You will see from this list of resources that 'Global Perspective' is quite rightly huge. Ask if you need help in the form of a workshop or assembly on some aspects of this work.

Global Teachers Award

The Global Teachers Award is a national qualification developed by the Consortium of Development Education Centres (DECs) in England. This national award will support teachers in developing the skills, confidence and practical approaches to incorporate global learning in the curriculum, and promote informed, active global citizenship with pupils.


The link takes you to school resources which are good. Note that action Aid's focus is to raise money. For instance, they promote child sponsorship. Thus won't prevent you using the resources.

UNITED NATIONS UK International Days

During the course of a year, the UN observes a number of 'International Days' to raise awareness of global issues and to encourage action by governments and communities. UNA-UK's teaching resource - International Days - aims to bring these issues to life in the classroom, with ideas on how young people in the UK can contribute to resolving them.

Each International Day includes a factsheet for teachers and a 60-minute activity for primary and secondary students. With cross-curricular links highlighted, teachers can use the resource for standalone lessons or assemblies, or as a scheme of work throughout the academic year.

The United Nations Matters - Teaching Pack

A teaching resource for KS3 and 4 that aims to develop students’ awareness and understanding of the United Nations (UN) system and the global issues it tackles. Supports many subject areas and is worth taking a look at. There are lesson plans, various resources, a CD ROM & links to the curriculum.

Learning about human rights

Human rights are fundamental rights and freedoms to which all humans are entitled. They represent protection of our basic needs, as well as the conditions we need to flourish as human beings. These rights have corresponding responsibilities, of governments to their citizens, and of individuals to each other and to their wider communities. It is important that young people understand these rights and responsibilities. This will help to protect them, empower them and enable them to become responsible and active citizens. The resource contains a teacher's handbook with slide presentations and corresponding factsheets for students. The five topics covered are:

The UN Universal Declaration of Human Rights; The UN Convention on the Rights of the Child; Child rights and armed conflict; Child rights and climate change; Human rights and international development.

OXFAM'S Global Citizenship

Education for global citizenship helps enable young people to develop the core competencies which allow them to actively engage with the world, and help to make it a more just and sustainable place. This is a great site for whole school action

OXFAM's Youth Ambassadors

A fantastic scheme for KS4 and KS5. Students concentrate on three problem areas throughout the year and develop qualities of tolerance and leadership. They gain an award for successful completion. It's highly recommended for secondary schools.

Send My Friend to School

The national campaign to get all primary school age children throughout the world into education. Superb campaign. I will come and start you off if you ask using my own slides of education in the slums of Delhi.

Sunny Schools

Sunny Schools is SolarAid's first UK education project, addressing the issues of climate change and solar power with a global dimension. The programme helps primary schools to bring these vital issues to life in an investigative and practical manner, increasing understanding around energy and global citizenship whilst working towards a more sustainable school and community life.

Global Dimension

This website aims to support school teachers in bringing a global dimension to their teaching by providing access to teaching resources, case studies and background information.

How we make stuff

This website, developed by the Ellen MacArthur Foundation, explores how we can learn from living systems and rethink the way we design, make and use our stuff. It aims to encourage children and primary educators to explore the concept of a circular economy and to provide fun activities to stimulate debate.

The Ellen MacArthur Foundation

Inspiring a generation to re-think, re-design and build a positive future. Free resources for primary, secondary and higher education, with a focus on the circular economy concept.

Fair play pack from author Tom Palmer

This teaching pack is a pdf about fair trade, literacy and football, linked to author Tom Palmer's book and links to other resources. Recommended.

I'm a Scientist get me out of here ... Food Security Debate Kit

This free resource for schools aims to show students just how complex the issue of global food security is and to encourage them to begin to consider and investigate some of the main issues surrounding the ethics of food production.

Forest Stewardship Council's Educational Resources

Learn about the importance of responsible forestry. The Forest Stewardship Council are keen to support schools and groups in promoting the importance of the world’s forests and the role of FSC. You can download lesson plans and activity ideas, as well as find out about competitions and their global celebration of responsible forestry, FSC Friday.


ARKive is the ultimate multimedia guide to the world's endangered species. Whether you are a teacher or a student, explore and search for videos, photos and facts about the world’s endangered biodiversity and conservation issues. Fun and educational, ARKive hosts a collection of interactive games and puzzles as well as learning resources that can be used in a range of science subjects.

British Council

The British Council aims to ‘connect people through learning opportunities and building lasting relationships around the world’. They run a range of projects for schools and have free resources for teachers. This is where you go to find a partner school.

World Wildlife Fund for Nature

WWF are the world’s largest and most experienced independent conservation organisation. They are a charity that addresses a wide range of issues including environmental education. There is so much material on this site and it's very useful for 'animals' in Roots and Shoots.

Wings of Hope Achievement Award

The Wings of Hope seeks to stimulate education in its broadest sense not just in India and Malawi, but also in the UK. In 2004, the Founders of The Wings of Hope instituted an Achievement Award to stimulate the skills and talents of UK secondary school students.

Roots & Shoots

The Roots & Shoots program is run by The Jane Goodall Institute and is about making positive change happen through empowering young people with the inspiration and tools to make a difference - for our communities, for animals and for the environment.

The Fairtrade Foundation

The Fairtrade Foundation is the independent non-profit organisation that licenses use of the FAIRTRADE Mark on products in the UK in accordance with internationally agreed Fairtrade standards. They have lots of campaigns and resources you can use to become a Fairtrade school.

Fair Trade Schools

A guide to the Fairtrade Schools Scheme run by the Fairtrade Foundation. Do it!


eTwinning is the Comenius EU programme for schools website, linking schools across EU countries together to share their work and make links.